The most effective method to Rent RVs in Utah

With pine backwoods, tough gulches and shining salt pads, Utah is home to the absolute most different scenes in the west. The picturesque byways are for all intents and purposes made for excursions. Furthermore, with a RV rental in Utah, you can investigate the national parks and all encompassing vistas at your own pace.

A RV or campervan gives you the opportunity to make your own experience in Utah.

In any case, how would you lease a RV or campervan in Utah, and what are probably the best choices for rentals?

How about we make a plunge.

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The most effective method to Rent RVs in Utah

Utah is a perfect goal for outdoors and other open air exercises. All things considered, leasing a RV or campervan in Utah has never been simpler. Be that as it may, before you get in the driver's seat, there are a couple of interesting points when leasing a RV.

With regards to rental organizations, you have a couple of choices in Utah. For example, a few organizations rent out their very own vehicles to drivers. In like manner, there are additionally Airbnb-style benefits that enable proprietors to lease their RVs.

Picking the correct RV rental organization is one of the most significant choices to make for your excursion. Truth be told, there are a huge number of RV and campervan models, costs and highlights accessible.

For instance, Outdoorsy is a solid organization for RV rentals in Utah. You can pick the best RV or campervan for your outing, and lease legitimately from the proprietor. The best part is that they additionally offer exhaustive protection bundles for each vehicle.

Most RVs and campervans can be leased to anybody with a legitimate US driver's permit. Yet, in the event that you're visiting Utah from abroad, at that point most rental organizations will likewise acknowledge your worldwide permit.

It's additionally a smart thought to survey the terms and states of your rental. Numerous proprietors and organizations implement confinements, similar to the quantity of travelers or where you're permitted to drive.

At last, you ought to likewise choose where and how to get your RV. A few proprietors will meet you at the air terminal. Others may pick an area like a neighborhood campground or park to convey your RV or campervan.

Campervan versus RV Rentals in Utah

Before you choose the correct vehicle for your excursion, it's imperative to comprehend the contrasts between a RV and a campervan.

When perusing for a RV rental in Utah, you may see vehicles recorded as RVs, campervans and even RVs. Despite the fact that these terms are utilized conversely, there are huge contrasts between the vehicles.

RVs or RVs are vehicles that are principally utilized for driving and outdoors. With rooms, washrooms and even kitchens, RVs are what you would depict as a "home-on-wheels."

Campervans will in general be littler and progressively minimized. While most campervans have beds, they probably won't have space for a kitchen, restroom, or other living spaces.

To help restricted down your rental alternatives, consider your sightseeing plans.

In the event that you are going with multiple individuals, you may be progressively agreeable in a RV. RVs are bigger and will probably have more civilities. In any case, they can be increasingly costly and testing to drive.

Campervans, then again, are simpler to stop, particularly in little campgrounds. They're likewise progressively reasonable and have better eco-friendliness contrasted with a RV. On the drawback, you may need to depend on open washrooms, the same number of don't have showers or toilets.

The Cost of Campervan Rentals in Utah

Leasing a RV or campervan in Utah is normally less expensive than leasing a lodging! Furthermore, on the off chance that you travel with companions, you can part the expense of the rental and gas.

The RV or campervan proprietor will set the rental cost. By and large, the cost will rely upon the size, condition and courtesies of the RV. The bigger the vehicle, the more costly it will be to lease.

In any case, as a rule, campervan rentals run from $80 to $150 every night. What's more, an enormous RV begins around $150, while decked out RVs can be upwards of $200 or $300 every night.

There might likewise be additional expenses and charges related with your RV rental in Utah. For example, a few proprietors will charge extra for cleaning, refueling and even propane tank use.

Also, except if you lease a hitched trailer, your RV rental will likely have a set mileage. On the off chance that you roll over the point of confinement, you'll be liable for paying an extra expense.

26 Best Campervan and RV Rentals in Utah

Regardless of where you intend to go in Utah, a campervan or RV rental will enable you to get unusual. Regardless of whether you're investigating the rough pinnacles of the Moab desert or scanning for dinosaurs in Odgen, a campervan can get you there.

A portion of our preferred RV rentals in Utah originate from Outdoorsy, a shared rentals site like Airbnb. With several rentals to browse, you'll have the option to locate the perfect RV or campervan for your excursion.

RV Rentals in St. George, Utah

Home to three distinctive topographical areas, St. George is an open air sweethearts play area. Despite the fact that it's perhaps the littlest city in Utah, it's nearness to the Mojave Desert and Pine Valley Mountains makes it the perfect goal for an excursion.

Here are a couple of our preferred RV rentals in St. George, Utah:

1. 2003 Ford Econoline 150

With this exclusively assembled campervan , you can live altogether off the network. It accompanies a sun powered power charging station, sun based shower and five-gallon water tank.

Regardless of its little size, the campervan can rest two individuals easily. What's more, with loungers and a crease up table, it's the ideal alternative for a brief end of the week in the Utah state parks.

The back room rests two on the sovereign bed, and three on the haul out love seat and shrouded dozing space. Most importantly, in case you're searching for amusement out and about, you can watch an assortment of TV shows utilizing the housetop aeronautical.

A trailer is an ideal alternative for the individuals who need the solaces of a RV, however the adaptability of driving their own vehicle. This spring up Rockwood Freedom is anything but difficult to assemble and accompanies three separate beds for dozing.

Likewise, you'll locate an implicit radiator, small scale ice chest and a three-burner stove. There is likewise an extra open air stove in the event that you want to cook in nature!

The trailer must be snared and towed by a different SUV, van, or truck.

For a definitive glamping knowledge, lease the spic and span 2019 Jayco Redhawk RV . It includes a cutting edge kitchen with stovetop, microwave, and wood cupboards just as a full restroom. What's more, it has space to rest up to seven individuals which means everybody can unwind in solace while you travel through Utah.

The RV additionally comes totally supplied with all that you requirement for an agreeable excursion. Shower towels, toiletries, and fundamental outdoors courtesies are incorporated. There's even a waffle producer on the off chance that you are desiring a heavenly breakfast in the outside.

You needn't bother with a full campervan or RV to have the solaces of home. In this Keystone Hideout trailer , you'll have the option to shower, cook and appreciate a decent night's rest during your adventure in Utah.

Inside this reduced trailer, you'll locate a full kitchen, washroom and space to rest up to five individuals. The best part is that you'll have cooling to keep you cool during the blistering summer months!

The Keystone Hideout additionally comes stacked with a couple of additional items. Indoor and open air speakers, oils and flavors and toiletries are incorporated with the rental. What's more, in case you're by the waterway or lake, kayaks can likewise be leased for an extra charge.

Leasing a RV in Utah County enables you to investigate the tough Wasatch Mountain Range and sparkling Utah Lake. It's additionally home to three diverse national woodlands, where you can set up camp for the evening.

6. Evade Campervan

Evade Campervan

Take your outdoors to the following level with a great Dodge campervan . The inherent stepping stool takes you to the housetop deck, where you can set up a portable shelter and rest under the stars.

In any case, on the off chance that you like to be inside, you can likewise rest two individuals on the sovereign size sleeping pad. The rental accompanies other outdoors luxuries like seats, fridge, loungers and even an ax and binoculars. Tents, kayaks and kindling can likewise be obtained for an additional expense.

Investigate Utah's regular scenes with the eco-proficient "When Nature Calls" campervan. It's furnished with a GoalZero unit which powers the lights, roof fan, water siphon and cooler with just sun oriented vitality.

The campervan additionally accompanies a removable shade overhang, and an outdoor table and seats for relaxing in nature. A bicycle rack or gear rack can likewise be included for an additional expense.

2016 Winnebago

With enough space to rest you and seven of your dearest companions, the cutting edge Winnebago is a magnificent alternative for huge gatherings. It accompanies a private room, restroom with shower, and completely loaded kitchen.

You'll likewise feel as though you're remaining in an inn, with included extravagances like toiletries, delicate cloths and pads, and a 24" TV set. You and your companions will never need to leave!

9. 2014 Ram Promaster

2014 Ram Promaster

Gain enduring experiences in this Class C Ram Promaster , nicknamed Whale of a Tale. This stealthy campervan can fit in an ordinary parking space, making it perfect for urban campers. In any case, in spite of its minimal size, within flaunts six-foot tall roofs.

There's a full kitchen with a sink, stovetop, and broiler. What's more, not normal for other little estimated vehicles, it likewise accompanies a porta-potty!

For outside swashbucklers, kayak, hiking, and angling units can be leased for an extra charge. Remember to lease the open air fire pack, which incorporates kindling, marshmallow units and seats.

More Info

Type: Campervan

No smoking, no pets

$35 required cleaning charge

Compact can included

Dozes two individuals

Starts at: $159/night

150 miles included every day, $0.35/per mile of extra mileage


10. 2003 Ford Fourwinds

2003 Ford Fourwinds

The Ford Fourwinds RV is a reasonable choice in the event that you intend to go with a gathering of companions. It includes an extensive washroom with shower and full kitchen with an ice chest, stovetop and broiler.

The private room, dinette set, and couch sleeper gives abundant space to everybody inside. It additionally accompanies all that you have to remain agreeable, as delicate cloths, kitchenware and flavors, and in any event, cleaning supplies.

The best part is that you can lease a RV in Utah without burning up all available resources. Appreciate the courtesies of an inn without the costly sticker price!

More Info

Type: Class C

No smoking

Pet well disposed

Rests seven individuals

Starts at: $130/night

100 miles included every day, $0.35/per mile of extra mileage


11. 2003 Ford E450

2003 Ford E450

Perfect for novices, this Class C Ford E450 is shockingly simple to drive. Also, with a sovereign size bed (inside a private room), overlap out love seat, and changed over full beds, the RV can rest up to eight individuals. It additionally accompanies a full kitchen and washroom with shower and can.

Also, with the gave boundless generator and sun based boards, so you can charge your gadgets regardless of whether you're off the matrix. It's anything but difficult to remain associated whether you're in the desert or at a concert!

More Info

Type: Class C

Celebration inviting

Pet inviting

No smoking

Dozes eight individuals

Starts at: $135/night

100 miles included every day, $0.35/per mile of extra mileage


RV Rentals in Moab, Utah

As the bouncing off point for the Arches and Canyonlands National Parks, Moab is the perfect spot to lease a RV. You'll be unable to discover another zone of Utah with better scenes for your excursion!

12. 2018 Palomino Palomini Trailer

2018 Palomino Palomini Trailer

For the individuals who want to absorb their environment, the Palomini trailer is a fantastic alternative for a RV rental in Utah. Most trailers require a tow vehicle, yet not the Palomini! The proprietors will by and by drop off and set up the trailer any place you need in Moab.

Inside the trailer, you'll discover a restroom, kitchen with stovetop and microwave, and beds for four individuals. What's more, after your excursion, the proprietors will tidy and pack up the trailer. Discussion about a no-bother outdoors trip!

More Info

Type: Trailer

Cleaning expense required

A/C and running water

Rests four individuals

Starts at: $139/night

Boundless Miles


13. 2006 Dodge Sprinter

2006 Dodge Sprinter

The unnoticeable Dodge Sprinter is ideal for stealth campers in Utah. Without additional windows, you'll have the option to camp or stop anyplace. There's even a peaceful foot siphon sink, so you don't cause to notice yourself!

Inside the campervan, you'll locate a full-size bed and custom-fitted kitchen. There's even additional space for a canine bed on the off chance that you plan on going with your four-legged companion.

More Info

Type: Campervan

Additional capacity

No going romping, no smoking

Bar-b-que, materials, and seats are extra

Rests two individuals

Starts at: $130/night

100 miles included every day, $0.35/per mile of extra mileage


14. 2019 Dutchmen Kodiak

2019 Dutchmen Kodiak

Carry on with an existence of extravagance in this extensive and present day trailer. With enough room and space to rest eight individuals, you'll have the option to have the excursion you had always wanted. It's additionally completely supplied with cloths, kitchenware and towels to make your adventure as agreeable as could be expected under the circumstances.

You will likewise locate a full-size kitchen with a stovetop, sink and icebox. Moreover, the Dutchmen accompanies a love seat and separate feasting territory for additional seating.

More Info

Type: Trailer

No pets, no smoking

Extra $50 cleaning expense

Least two evenings

Rests eight individuals

Starts at: $160/night

25 miles included every day, $0.40/per mile of extra mileage


15. 2018 Forest River R-Pod

Backwoods River R-Pod

With every one of the pleasantries and highlights of a RV, the spic and span Forest River R-Pod is an incredible alternative for a trailer rental in Utah. The kitchen is outfitted with microwave, stovetop and sink. What's more, the private restroom accompanies a shower and flushing latrine.

In spite of its smaller size, the trailer can rest three individuals easily.

Trailer conveyance inside 15 miles of Moab is totally free. Be that as it may, the proprietors can likewise convey outside of the city for an additional expense. Note that you should have your very own vehicle to tow the trailer.

More Info

Type: Trailer

Pet inviting

No celebrations, no smoking

$80 required cleaning charge

Conveyance included inside 15 miles of Moab

Dozes three individuals

Starts at: $150/night

Boundless miles


RV Rentals in Salt Lake City, Utah

Utah's capital might be the most crowded city, yet it's as yet a focal area for investigating Utah's amazing scenes. Situated in Salt Lake Valley, you'll be only a short drive away from a portion of Utah's greatest attractions.

16. Mercedes Benz Sprinter

Mercedes Benz Sprinter

The Mercedes Benz Sprinter has all that you requirement for the ideal outside experience. With a sliding overhang and open air speakers, you can unwind in one of Utah's numerous national parks.

Furthermore, in the event that you intend to set up camp close to the waterway, at that point you can lease kayaks straightforwardly with the proprietor.

The bed is fitted with a flexible foam sleeping cushion and fits two individuals serenely. It additionally comes well furnished with a sink, broiler and a full arrangement of cookware and dishes.

More Info

Type: Campervan

Air terminal pickup/drop-off accessible

Pets permitted with cleaning expense

Rests two individuals

Starts at: $137/night

150 miles included every day, $0.55/per mile of extra mileage


17. 2017 Toyota 4Runner

2017 Toyota 4Runner

Get unexpected with the protected and solid Toyota 4Runner . With off-road tires and TRD Pro suspension stuns, you can handle even the hardest of landscapes in Utah.

Around evening time, you can rest adequately in the housetop tent, which can hold up to three individuals.

To hoist your outdoors trip, you can pick additional items like outdoors units, shower tents, and even a gas controlled generator. With these additional luxuries, there's no compelling reason to lease a conventional RV or campervan.

More Info

Type: Truck

No restroom, no kitchen

Air terminal pickup/drop-off for a charge

Dozes five individuals

Starts at: $149/night

200 miles included every day, $0.35/per mile of extra mileage


18. 2018 Winnebago View

Winnebago View

In the event that you need more space, the advanced Winnebego has space for six individuals. With a main room, a haul out bed, and lofts, it's the ideal RV rental in Utah to fit every one of your companions.

It even accompanies all the home solaces you anticipate from a Class C RV. There is a full kitchen, restroom and even a parlor with a TV and excitement framework.

More Info

Type: Class C

No smoking, no pets

Dozes six individuals

Starts at: $195/night

100 miles included every day, $0.35/per mile of extra mileage


19. 2012 Ford Transit Connect

2012 Ford Transit Connect

This simple to-drive Ford Transit campervan is perfect for campers who need a couple of additional extravagances. It fits two individuals and incorporates most things you requirement for an end of the week in the outside.

The slide-out kitchen accompanies a butane stove, freshwater tank and even an electric cooler. Bid farewell to cooking over the pit fire, since you'll have the option to prepare any dinner during your excursion.

The proprietors additionally toss in camping cots and a Garmin GPS at no additional expense!

More Info

Type: Campervan

Extra cleaning charge

Bicycle rack alternative

Rests: two individuals

Starts at: $89/night

150 miles included every day, $0.35/per mile of extra mileage


20. 2017 Ram ProMaster City

2017 Ram ProMaster City

This reduced campervan is ideal for first-time leaseholders. It drives like a SUV and fits into most tent limited campgrounds.

While it does exclude every one of the extravagant accessories that an extravagance RV would have, regardless it gives a spot to rest and cook. What's more, in case you're bringing any additional gear, you can store it inside the included housetop Thule stockpiling box.

The proprietors additionally hurl in a couple of additional items, similar to a french espresso press, Bluetooth speaker and ice cooler at no additional charge.

More Info

Type: Campervan

No pets, no smoking

Kitchen hardware and stovetop

Rests: two individuals

Starts at: $79/night

150 miles included every day, $0.10/per mile of extra mileage


21. 2014 Winnebago Era

2014 Winnebago Era

With space to situate seven individuals and rest three, this Winnebago is an extraordinary choice for a campground. It accompanies every one of the courtesies you'd anticipate from a high-class RV, including a washroom, well-prepared kitchen and even cooling.

Additional advantages likewise incorporate a Bluetooth stereo with indoor and open air speakers, just as an implicit level screen TV.

Nonetheless, remember that sheets and towels are excluded. In the event that you'd like to lease cloths, at that point there is an additional day by day charge.

More Info

Type: Class B

No pets, no smoking

No going romping

Rests: three individuals

Starts at: $240/night

110 miles included every day, $0.40/per mile of extra mileage


RV Rentals in Ogden, Utah

Odgen sits at the foot of the Wasatch Mountains on the banks of the Odgen and Weber Rivers. Here, you can stop your RV or campervan close to the water and absorb the regular magnificence of your environment.

22. 2017 Keystone Outback

2017 Keystone Outback


23. 1984 Volkswagen Westfalia

1984 Volkswagen Westfalia

This retro VW campervan , properly named Sassy, will make everybody desirous at Burning Man or some other performance. She's been altered with a glass sunroof, which is ideal for stargazing or getting a touch of outside air.

You can mix it up of fun additional items to your rental, including stand up paddleboards, loungers, kayaks, or even a guitar and ukulele! What's more, in case you're in a rush, the proprietor will likewise stock your cooler with nourishment and refreshments for your excursion.

More Info

Type: Campervan

No smoking

Celebration and pet agreeable

Three evenings least

Dozes: four individuals

Starts at: $155/night

100 miles included every day, $0.50/per mile of extra mileage


24. 2001 Fleetwood Jamboree

2001 Fleetwood Jamboree

In case you're searching for an extensive RV rental in Utah, look no more remote than the 2001 Fleetwood Jamboree . This 31ft RV accompanies a split shower, which incorporates a full-size vanity and stroll in shower.

Also, the RV accompanies adjustable foam sovereign bedding, hurled bed, and convertible couch sleeper, so you and your companions would all be able to appreciate a decent night's rest.

Be that as it may, in the event that you need significantly more space, you can lease tents, loungers, and seats for a night out outdoors under the stars.

More Info

Type: Class C

No smoking, no pets, no celebrations

Must come back with full fuel and propane

Dozes: seven individuals

Starts at: $145/night

150 miles included every day, $0.35/per mile of extra mileage


25. 2015 Winnebago ERA 170X

2015 Winnebago ERA 170X

With the Winnebago ERA 170X , you can appreciate the extravagances of an inn inside a little, class B RV. Other than having a latrine, outside shower and supplied kitchen, you'll likewise appreciate the excellent diversion and sound framework. With eight indoor and open air speakers and included SIRIUS radio, you can make the ideal soundtrack for your excursion.

Cyclists can likewise add a bicycle rack to the RV for a day by day charge. Or on the other hand, on the off chance that you like to unwind by the fire pit, you can sit underneath the goliath 13-foot control shade with inherent LED lighting. The Winnebago ERA 170X is an extraordinary choice for solo explorers or couples who need a RV rental in Utah.

More Info

Type: Class B

$180 required cleaning expense

Pets took into account a charge

Delicate gear as it were

Dozes: two individuals

Starts at: $200/night

120 miles included every day, $0.35/per mile of extra mileage


26. 2015 Jayco Precept

2015 Jayco Precept

In case you're searching for a RV with every one of the fancy odds and ends, look no more remote than the 30-foot Jayco Precept . This class A RV has it every one of the—a full restroom, space to rest six and a supplied kitchen with a huge twofold cooler and cooler.

The Jayco Precept redesigns your outdoors involvement with a gas flame broil and four implicit TV sets. The best part is that there is an outside TV, so you'll never need to miss the news or Monday Night Football until the end of time.

More Info

Type: Class A

Discretionary air terminal pickup/drop-off

No pets, no smoking

No celebrations

Dozes: six individuals

Starts at: $210/night

10 miles included every day, $0.35/per mile of extra mileage


Utah is an open air darling's heaven. Also, there's no better method to get unexpected than by leasing a RV or campervan.

Not exclusively would you be able to investigate the rough ravines and lavish valleys at your recreation, however you'll additionally have the option to stop and camp any place you pick. With a RV, you can rest calmly under the stars. Also, when you get up toward the beginning of the day, you'll have a chattering stream or sunlit knoll directly outside your entryway.

How's that for connecting with nature?


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