Why Honda HR-V is Your Choice

Honda spearheaded little hybrids with its CR-V, yet as that model has gotten greater, the Japanese automaker has discovered space to opening another utility vehicle underneath it. The Honda HR-V made its presentation for the 2016 model year, and it got a bunch of updates for 2019. It contends in a blasting fragment that incorporates vehicles like the Hyundai Kona, the Mazda CX-3, and the Nissan Kicks.
2019 Honda HR-V Touring review
Our 2019 Honda HR-V test vehicle was a Touring model. New for 2019, this trim level includes LED headlights and haze lights, route, and a power driver's seat to the standard pack from lower trim levels. The Touring is the highest point of-the-line HR-V. While the least expensive HR-V (a base LX model with front-wheel drive), begins at $21,515, our everything wheel drive Touring stickered at $29,535. The two costs incorporate a required $995 goal charge.

Considering some fresh possibilities

Outside styling is a significant component for vehicle customers in the market for a subcompact hybrid like the HR-V. In a market portion populated by peculiarities like the Hyundai Kona and Toyota C-HR, it takes a great deal to stick out. The HR-V does only that, without bargaining usefulness.

A major chrome brace over the front and heaps of outside enumerating gives the HR-V a familial likeness to other current Hondas. Creators likewise concealed the back entryway handles high in the back columns, at the conjunction of the roofline and an etched line that ranges up from lower in the bodywork. It's a particular touch that likewise underscores the scope of the rooftop.

The HR-V's numerous outside bends are the total inverse of the square shaped styling seen on generally hybrids. The outcome is a vehicle that looks more like a puffed-up hatchback than a customary hybrid, which is fitting, since the HR-V shares fundamental underpinnings with the Honda Fit.

Within, the HR-V has normal front-situate space, with the best back seat legroom among the minimized hybrid set. The front seats are agreeable, with a not too bad measure of side supporting to keep inhabitants set up while cornering. However, the back seat pads felt level and unsupportive.

A camera mounted on the traveler's side rearview mirror is pointed at the driver's vulnerable side, with feed show on the focal dashboard screen.

The inside structure isn't as inventive as the outside, yet despite everything we discovered its basic look engaging. The materials likewise felt high caliber, and the guiding wheel had an ideal measurement and thickness.

The HR-V additionally offers a decent arrangement for pulling freight. It offers 23.2 cubic feet of trunk space with four grown-ups ready; just the Nissan Kicks has more freight space with the back seats up. It additionally acquires the "Enchantment Seat" arrangement from the Fit, enabling the back seats to overlay level with the draw of a hook. With the back seats down, the Honda's 55.9 cubic inch load territory is tied with the Ford EcoSport for greatest in the section.

Watch your back

The enormous news for 2019 is the accessibility of a 7.0-inch touchscreen show with two vital highlights: Apple CarPlay/Android Auto incorporation, and a volume handle. In any case, the new touchscreen isn't accessible on base LX models. Our Touring test vehicle additionally had the discretionary 4.2-inch driver-data show, which is accessible on EX and higher trim levels. Honda places two USB ports (just one works for telephone capacities) in a hole underneath the middle support and out of sight the driver's compass, discouraging telephone use while driving.

The touchscreen's illustrations are genuinely essential, however the menus are spread out coherently and the screen itself is exceptionally responsive. In any case, its generally little size and good ways from the driver make hitting the correct touch point somewhat precarious. That is the reason the option of a volume handle for 2019 (it was likewise as of late added to the Civic and the Fit) is a major ordeal. It is simpler to bend the handle without looking than it is to jab at a screen.

For 2019, EX and higher trim levels get the Honda Sensing suite of driver helps, including independent crisis braking, versatile journey control, path keeping help, and path takeoff cautioning. We were intrigued by the versatile journey control's fast reactions and smooth increasing speed and deceleration, however path keeping help failed to meet expectations. It got befuddled by delicate bends on parkways, appearing to forget about where the paths were and mediating superfluously. At different occasions, it flaccidly pulled at the guiding wheel without enough exertion to really move the vehicle once again into its path.

Honda's LaneWatch highlight is likewise standard on EX or more trim levels. A camera mounted on the traveler's side rearview mirror is pointed at the driver's vulnerable side, with feed show on the focal dashboard screen. That way you can generally check whether a vehicle is in your vulnerable side, in spite of the fact that the camera feed overrides radio and route shows. Notwithstanding, Honda will end LaneWatch soon for vulnerable side observing frameworks that utilization blazing lights instead of a camera see.

Driving impressions

Honda has a merited notoriety for making little, fundamental vehicles enjoyable to drive, and we felt a touch of that enchantment in the HR-V. The little hybrid felt deft, with enthusiastic controlling and a suspension framework that worked valiantly to hold body come within proper limits. The HR-V was really enjoyable to hurl around byways, in spite of the fact that we couldn't resist believing that we would have some good times in a customary hatchback with a lower focus of gravity and less weight to hone the taking care of. The HR-V handles very well for a hybrid, however it can't coordinate its Fit cousin, or the bigger Civic. Think about the HR-V as a Fit in a fat suit.

Automakers dispatch another scaled down hybrid consistently, which means the HR-V has a lot of opponents.

While the HR-V was amusing to drive on twisty streets, purchasers will probably invest more energy in driving on roads. That is awful news for Honda, in light of the fact that turnpike drudgeries are not the HR-V's solid suit. The ride is awkward on anything besides smooth asphalt, doing nothing to shroud street blemishes. Lodge clamor is additionally genuinely high by current gauges. At that point there's the motor.

Honda just offers the HR-V with a 1.8-liter four-chamber motor, making 141 pull and 127 pound-feet of torque, with standard front-wheel drive or discretionary all-wheel drive. On paper, that puts the HR-V generally in the center of its section in power yield, however in reality the Honda just feels plain underpowered. Proceeding onto parkways or overwhelming requires wringing the motor's neck, and consistently inspires an undesirable shout from in the engine. Some portion of the accuse lies with the constantly factor transmission (CVT). These transmissions are generally a buzz-slaughter, however the HR-V's CVT was especially moderate and idiotic when it came to putting capacity to the asphalt.

Driving an underpowered vehicle on the thruway isn't much fun. Wringing each ounce of intensity out of a little motor on winding streets can be – yet just with a manual transmission that gives the driver unlimited oversight. In any case, Honda dropped that alternative (it was beforehand accessible just on front-wheel drive HR-Vs) for 2019. Honda provided paddle shifters for the 2019 HR-V's CVT, yet with no genuine riggings to move, it simply wasn't the equivalent.

2019 Honda HR-V Touring audit

Stephen Edelstein/Digital Trends

All-wheel drive HR-V models like our test vehicle are appraised at 29 mpg joined (27 mpg city, 31 mpg thruway) by the EPA. Front-wheel drive models are evaluated at 30 mpg joined (28 mpg city, 34 mpg expressway). Those are genuinely great numbers for this portion, however we couldn't coordinate them. We arrived at the midpoint of 25.2 mpg, as per the vehicle's excursion PC.


It appears as though automakers dispatch another reduced down hybrid consistently, which means the HR-V has a lot of adversaries. We've limited it down to a couple of key contenders.

Hyundai Kona (base cost: $21,035): Honda went for broke with the HR-V's styling, yet Hyundai took much more with the Kona. Under the profoundly styled skin, the Kona offers less traveler and freight space than the HR-V. Be that as it may, the Kona gets more power, and a more extended guarantee. Hyundai likewise offers an all-electric variant with an EPA-appraised 258-mile go, though just in specific states.

Mazda CX-3 (base cost: $21,435): If you truly like driving, go for the CX-3. It's 2.0-liter four-chamber motor makes only a smidge more pull (148 hp) however much more torque (146 lb-ft) than the HR-V's motor, and it works with an outfitted six-speed programmed as opposed to a CVT. Dealing with is considerably more keen than the Honda's. Like Honda, Mazda offers a 7.0-inch touchscreen, however the CX-3 is additionally accessible with a head-up showcase. A revolving controller likewise makes getting to infotainment capacities simpler.

2019 Honda HR-V Touring survey

Stephen Edelstein/Digital Trends

The drawback is radically less inside space, and a low seating position that doesn't feel hybrid like by any means. The CX-3 is an extraordinary vehicle, however purchasers searching for a genuine hybrid will be baffled.

Nissan Kicks (base cost: $19,585): Like the CX-3, the Kicks obscures the line among hatchback and hybrid. Inside space is equivalent to the HR-V, and the Nissan offers a tall, truck-like driving position. Be that as it may, the Kicks isn't accessible with all-wheel drive, which is one of the principle purposes behind getting a hybrid. While the ride is agreeable, the Kicks isn't as engaging to drive as the HR-V, and has even less pull and torque.

Nissan tops evaluating lower than Honda, yet that is not the entire story. The Kicks comes standard with self-ruling crisis braking, which is just accessible on more elevated level HR-V models. In any case, Nissan doesn't offer versatile voyage control on any trim level, while Honda incorporates it on EX and higher HR-V trim levels.

True serenity

Honda offers a three-year, 36,000-mile essential guarantee and five-year, 60,000-mile powertrain guarantee. The HR-V earned a better than expected unwavering quality rating from Consumer Reports dependent on past model years, and Honda has a generally excellent by and large notoriety for dependability.

The HR-V earned a Top Safety Pick rating from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), with top scores in all accident tests and the front-crash anticipation test, however just "normal" scores for the headlights and kid seat stays. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) gave the HR-V a five-star in general rating.

How DT would arrange this vehicle

We make two strides down from our range-besting Touring model to the EX. That implies jettisoning comforts like cowhide seats and LED headlights, however it likewise means sparing $3,420 (or more, in the event that you can live without all-wheel drive). The EX has the majority of the fundamental tech highlights, including the 7.0-inch touchscreen with Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, Honda Sensing, and LaneWatch. It additionally incorporates warmed front seats and a moonroof.

Vehicles like the 2019 Honda HR-V were practically unbelievable 10 years prior, yet now it appears each automaker needs to have one. The HR-V separates itself from its numerous adversaries basically by being great at its specific employment. It offers a lot of room for travelers and freight, with great security evaluations, at a sensible cost. Outside styling and exuberant taking care of give the Honda some additional character. More power and a superior transmission would be valued, however Honda has made an incredible all-rounder.

Would it be a good idea for you to get one?

Indeed. The Mazda CX-3 might be more pleasant to drive, and the Nissan Kicks might be less expensive, however the 2019 Honda HR-V does everything admirably.


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